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House of Hope would like to acknowledge the contribution that Cummings Foundation has made to House of Hope; we received a visit from the Cummings Foundation and were informed that our application has been chosen for a Sustaining Grant of $300,000. Cummings Foundation is providing funding to sustain the Learn2Work Culinary Internship Program for homeless parents. The program trains current homeless heads of households in food service, food preparation, ServSafe and Allergen management while producing meals for the HOH three family shelters.

HOH provides a sorely needed paid job and culinary training internships. By coordinating employment services with housing and homeless assistance, the program ensures that job training resources can support employment and eventually, long term housing sustainability. According to Deborah Chausse, House of Hope’s Executive Director, “Each intern receives job readiness training, on-the-job training, retail work skills, one-on-one career counseling and job placement support.”

The Sustaining Grants program builds on Cummings Foundation’s $100K for 100 program which recognizes the rarity of long-term grant funding for non-profits. Thank you, Cummings Foundation!

Harvest of Hope Partners

House of Hope and House of Hope Housing are thankful to acknowledge the long-standing partnerships that enable us to serve our clients everyday.

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