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The House of Hope starts with the foundation of knowing that future success is built on stable housing. House of Hope proudly offers many services to our homeless families to provide them with the tools that they need to better their situation for themselves and their families. Each family has different challenges and we understand their frustrations and concerns. Parents don’t want to raise their children in a shelter or motel. They want to protect their children and do whatever they can to give them a happy and healthy childhood. Our parents need help, especially because they are homeless and have no place else to go.

Support services, medical and behavioral health care, case management and vocational training are some of the services the House of Hope provides to our residents. Our case managers are trained to work with each family’s situation and guide them along a path to successfully exit shelter and enter a life with long term permanent housing.


  • Emergency food, shelter and clothing for 58 families at four shelter sites
  • Case Management work with residents to assess their circumstances and plan for their futures
  • On-site behavioral and physical health support and referrals
  • A limited number of permanent housing units with rental assistance and supportive services
  • Children’s services cover a wide spectrum of outreach, intervention, engagement and love
  • A structured employment-readiness program with Internship positions, employment education, and one-on-one job coaching, available for adult residents who have little prior success with employment
  • The Hope Chest, a children’s resale clothing store that provides customer service internships for clients while serving low-income families in the Greater Lowell area
  • The Housing Resource Center, which works actively with all parents to quickly secure a stable home for their families and provide goal-oriented stabilization services for families we rehouse in the community to assist them in remaining stably housed