Since House of Hope was founded in 1985, two things have remained constant: homeless families have a dire need for critical emergency shelter and permanent housing services, and House of Hope has faithfully answered the call to help them.

Today, House of Hope and House of Hope Housing work together to transition families and to provide affordable permanent housing paired with supportive services to help previously homeless families build family economic self-sufficiency and to provide educational opportunities that improve the lives of our most vulnerable children.

Our buildings represent so much more than real estate. They are the public face of our commitment to provide a caring environment in which families can heal from the trauma of homelessness. Our buildings are also a visible manifestation of our commitment to strengthen our neighborhoods and our city. With the exception of the New Hope Apartments on Salem Street, which was new construction, all of our properties are preserving and giving new life to previously vacant buildings. With extensive renovations and maintenance, these properties are contributing to property values and the betterment of their neighborhoods. In addition, we pay taxes on all of our housing properties, contributing to the city’s tax base and wealth.