You Make a Difference

The House of Hope exists because of you. We are a story of community, and it is due to the deep commitment and support of our vast community—our volunteers, Board of Directors, funders and donors, corporate partners, and Greater Lowell neighbors—that we are able to fulfill our mission every day.


Whether you are an individual, business, church, or other organization, there are so many ways you can support our mission.


Volunteers are the heartbeat at House of Hope. As a volunteer, you can provide immeasurable support to our staff in so many ways:

  • Cooking and serving nourishing meals
  • Playing with kids living in our shelters
  • Serving as coaches and mentors for our families
  • Painting and other routine upkeep of our buildings
  • Sharing a talent or skill, such as:
    • A teacher tutoring a child
    • An attorney to advise our families
    • A cook who can teach a cooking class
    • A retail buyer who can guide our Hope Chest interns as they map out a career plan

Your time and skill can make SUCH a difference to our families!



Our shelters are operated under contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are able to provide the basics like staffing, food and utilities, but are not funded for many day-to-day needs and little extras, such as:

  • An emergency prescription refill
  • A necessary car repair
  • New clothing for the start of employment
  • Transportation to an interview
  • Fun activities for the kids
  • Holiday gifts
  • And so much more

Your cash donations enable House of Hope to create a sense of community and compassion among residents, staff, and volunteers.

Material Goods

Anything that you use in your home we use in ours – and so much of it! Please take a look at our donation page for our Amazon Wish List and an idea of what we can gratefully accept (and what we cannot accept).

Want to get involved? Please call Edna Gustafson at (978) 458-2870 or email

“House of Hope is a story of community, of how miracles can happen when a dedicated board, funders, volunteers, and local and state government are united behind a talented staff in support of a spiritual and humanitarian mission. House of Hope is a reflection of that community support, without which we would not be here today.”

Deb Chausse
Executive Director