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You Make a Difference

There Are Many Ways You Can Help

Although our shelters cannot be equated to a home, it is critical that our environment is safe, clean and welcoming. These homelike attributes help our families to trust us and to believe that we are both desirous and capable of helping them. But, we cannot do this alone and there are many ways that individuals, churches and businesses can help.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, House of Hope is not currently inviting volunteers into our shelters.


Your time is valuable to us and we can always find good ways to utilize it! Our needs run the gambit from planting flowers to playing with our kids. Children benefit from one on one time with an attentive adult as they engage in their important work of play.

With so many families and employees, our buildings endure much wear and tear. Basic, routine upkeep such as painting walls and trim is needed quite often and can be a great project for a team of volunteers. Another example would be cooking and serving a special meal for our families. We prepare and serve simple, nutritious meals like meatloaf and pasta (always with a salad bar) but we rarely serve roasts or steak or seafood. What a treat to have a team prepare a special meal (on or off-site) and serve it to our families.


Do you have a skill that can be combined with a commitment of time? If so, we need you!

Are you a teacher who can make a commitment to tutoring a child? An attorney who can be present periodically to advise our families? A cook who can be available to teach a class to our interns on a quarterly basis? A retail buyer who can guide our Hope Chest interns as they map out a career plan?

Whatever your skill, if combined with an ongoing commitment and lots of compassion, can make a difference and help our families.


Our shelters are operated under contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The basics like staffing, food and utilities are provided for but day-to-day needs like an emergency prescription refill, a necessary car repair, new clothing for the start of employment, transportation to an interview, and other essentials are not. Your treasure in the form of cash donations enables House of Hope to go the extra mile for our families. Your treasure enables House of Hope to create a sense of community and compassion between residents, staff and volunteers and this community enables courageous action from our mothers.

Treasure can also include donations of material goods. Anything that you use in your home we use in ours - to the 10th degree! Examples of these goods include: paper products, laundry detergent, diapers, cleaning products, milk, eggs, bread, and so much more. For a complete list of what we can and cannot accept as donations, please take a look at our donation page.

The list of ways you can help is long and we encourage you to get involved in whatever way you can.

If you are interested in how you can get involved, please call Edna Gustafson at (978) 458-2870 or email