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There have never been as many homeless families as there are now in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. House of Hope (HOH) has a long-term commitment to grow our solutions-based programs and permanent housing services in order to make a real impact in ending homelessness in Massachusetts. HOH and House of Hope Housing (HOH Housing) are sister organizations that share a commitment to transitioning homeless families into a stable community life by providing tandem services that (1) respect and nurture families so that they can heal from the trauma of homelessness; and (2) support parents by guiding them through opportunities to build economic sufficiency and embrace a stable home life.  Today we are recognized as a leader in the state relative to our shelter programming, client productivity while in shelter, rate of permanent placement, and our permanent housing partnerships.

Below is a list of some of the services we provide:

  • Emergency food, shelter and clothing for 58 families at four shelter sites
  • Case Management work with residents to assess their circumstances and plan for their futures
  • On-site behavioral and physical health support and referrals
  • A limited number of permanent housing units with rental assistance and supportive services
  • Children’s services cover a wide spectrum of outreach, intervention, engagement and love
  • A structured employment-readiness program with Internship positions, employment education, and one-on-one job coaching, available for adult residents who have little prior success with employment
  • The Hope Chest, a children’s resale clothing store that provides customer service internships for clients while serving low-income families in the Greater Lowell area
  • The Housing Resource Center, which works actively with all parents to quickly secure a stable home for their families and provide goal-oriented stabilization services for families we rehouse in the community to assist them in remaining stably housed


HOH opened the doors of its first shelter in December, 1985. Our mission statement was and continues to be: “The House of Hope, a temporary shelter, provides advocacy and care for homeless families. Rooted in a belief in God, and under the direction of an ecumenical board, it seeks to affirm the dignity of life to all who are served.”

Since our inception, we’ve known heartache and joy as our families struggle to improve their lives and their circumstances. Emergency shelter is an essential service, yet it’s more costly than supportive housing so our staff focuses on moving families out of shelter as swiftly as possible. Our work is done with an enduring commitment to building family economic self-sufficiency and improving children’s lives.


HOH Housing is the housing arm of House of Hope. Our mission statement is: “House of Hope Housing is a not-for-profit organization created in 2002 by House of Hope in response to the ever-growing, critical need for affordable housing for families in Massachusetts. HOH Housing provides affordable permanent housing and support services to previously homeless families with an enduring commitment to build family economic self-sufficiency, promote neighborhood stability, and provide educational opportunities to improve the lives of our poorest children.”

Generally, the heads-of-households in our units pay 30% of their own monthly income to HOH Housing as their portion of the rent. All rental leases are reviewed annually with adjustments made to the tenant’s rents according to their changes in income. HOH Housing is unique in that it provides “supportive housing” to families: case management services are provided to families on an “as needed” basis to assist them in overcoming life’s hurdles, managing any health issues, and building economic self-sufficiency.

For many years, House of Hope has had the privilege of bearing witness to our families’ lives. By providing so many levels of support, we have empowered these vulnerable families to build their economic stability and raise their children in an environment full of hope for the future.