Opening Doors: Jasmine

Jasmine’s story, in her own words:

“Walking into a shelter is humbling. You’ve hit rock bottom. But there was no judgment, just open arms to welcome me. It felt like a home. In shelter, they do so much for you—help you find a job, get babysitters and tutors, food, cleaning supplies, rides to appointments.

“I worked as an intern at Hope Chest and loved it. I made good money and they taught me so much. They have a finance program and teach you how to budget and save money so you can move forward in the outside world. They helped me get back into school and find a job. There is always someone who’s got your back and is on your side, saying, ‘How can I help?’

“When you move out into an apartment, they don’t leave you. They’re still here supporting me today. I realize now that they didn’t just change where I live; they changed the way I feel about myself. And now it’s my time to shine. I’ve got a good job as a home health aide, my own car, and a nice apartment for me and my son. I am just so grateful.”

"House of Hope opened doors that I thought were closed to me. They gave me a future."