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House of Hope Housing

House of Hope Housing creates, owns and manages permanent housing with support services for homeless families.  We are proud of our properties and know that we improve the lives of our tenants and our neighbors by maintaining quality standards.  Permanent, sustainable support for our buildings is a direct result of operating subsidies from multiple sources, including the Lowell Housing Authority – one of our most significant partners.  Our team is always looking for new opportunities to develop more housing for our families, whose greatest need is safe, affordable and permanent housing.

Pawtucket Street (New Hope 2)

This seven unit building was opened in 2014 and consists of six 2 bedroom and one 3 bedroom apartments.  This beautifully renovated building was purchased from a local developer who was as committed to exterior preservation as we would have been.

The GreenHouse

The GreenHouse is located on Salem Street and abuts our New Hope Apartments.  It was purchased, gutted and fully rehabilitated in 2007.  The first floor apartment has two large bedrooms and is a perfect home for a small family to get back on their feet.  The second floor serves as co-shelter for two families who would otherwise be living in an emergency shelter or motel.  The proximity to House of Hope shelter enables us to place families in this unit that are the most independent and closest to leaving shelter.  The building is close to public transportation, shopping, and activities, but it is also right next door to our outdoor playground, community room and laundry.

Lakeview Avenue

Our Lakeview Avenue property consists of 3 beautifully renovated apartments. Purchased from the City of Lowell in 2007, these apartments give tenants a safe, comfortable home while they are re-entering the workforce, or pursuing training or other educational advances.

Permanent housing at New Hope apartments

New Hope Apartments

New Hope Apartments, opened in 2005, is our first permanent housing development. The eleven unit building contains 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments as well as a community room and a laundry area.  This project was new construction and after more than ten years, it looks as bright and cheery as the day it was built.

New Hope’s proximity to House of Hope provides an ease of access for tenants who seek out support from our staff and for their children to use our playground.

Coming Soon: Smith Street
(New Hope 3)

Smith Street is the former Horn Home in Lowell.  This beautiful Italianate building was constructed in 1851 and has served as a rest home for the aged since 1928.  House of Hope Housing is in the process of acquiring this property and hopes to begin construction on 16 units of permanent housing in 2017.